Following the Beloved


Some Historical facts about me!
My great, great grandfather from father side traveled from the Arab world through the Khyber Pass in caravans…millions of moons ago.
The Great Sacrifice… excerpt from my Book
Home is where your Desi Dil is
History tells us how Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his men, how Muhammad Bin Qasim crossed the Arabian Sea.
Hazrat Khwajah Gareeb Nawaz [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] the famous Sufi Saint of India traveled on foot from India to Madinah to make his famous spiritual journey.
Sultan Muhammad Fateh of Turkey crossed with his armada the strip of land to reach the Famous Bosporus and conquered Constantinople [Istanbul]
Tariq bin Ziyad sailed across the Strait from Ceuta landing at the southern point of the Rock Gibraltar the famous rock on the Spanish mainland which still bears his name Jabal-at-Tariq in Morocco. 


Ibn e Battuta a Moroccan scholar, traveler who is known for the account of his travels and excursions whose journeys lasted for nearly thirty years. These and many other migrations and journeys are recorded in the diary of history pages.
My father’s side of the family known as ‘The Saadat’ migrated from
the Arab world traveled in caravans through the mountainous route of
Afghanistan, hundreds of years ago and settled in “Uch Sharif” located 75 km
from Bahawalpur in Punjab province, of Pakistan.


After briefly staying in Sind they finally settled in India
Muradabad. After the 1947 war of independence, my ancestors traveled to
Karachi. In Karachi, my father married my mother whose families have migrated
from the area which is now in Iran and Afghanistan area.
Traveling they later settled down in the Uttar Pradesh state of
India, Muradabad in a place called ‘Saadat Colony’ for ‘Saiyyids’.


My mother’s side migrated from Afghanistan/Iran area to settle in
Datia Jhansi near in India.
During the 1947 war of independence my great, grandparents
migrated to Karachi Pakistan.
In Karachi, my parents got married and settled here.


After spending my early childhood in exotic Ceylon [now Sri
Lanka], Hilly Chittagong and the Beautiful Historical
  Lahore Punjab.