Following the Beloved


The Artist Seema.Z & Creativite Thoughts


My story in Brief…
[No fairies involved]
Ever since I was very little creativity, has been part of my
existence, passionate existence. My other hobby was reading, and writing. I
would be daydreaming traveling in my thoughts to far, away places.
Clouds as my vehicle and my pillow! I would be transported into my
magical imaginary utopian world of perfection. The drudgery of home-work and
daily monotonous affairs of the days was put aside to escape through the secret
door of my imagination.
These fascinating journeys of imagination derived its inspirations
from the classic’s stories book of my childhood. Who can forget those classical
Hans Christian Andersen classics fairy tales of long-gone days? They kept me
mesmerized with their wonderful colorful illustration, interesting tales,
beautiful princess charming dashing heroes and perfect …. ending quote and
“They lived happily ever after.”
Making us want to believe that one day after a hard time living.
The Cinderella’s, Snow Whites’, Sleeping Beauty’s, Rapunzel’s, of real-life
would be rescued from getting lost in the wicked world.
The end pages of our situation in dilemma could bring chivalrous
knight, the wise king, the handsome Prince charming riding the perfect horse in
shining armor to rescue us from the danger, for that happily ever after effect.
Other all-time favorite stories were from the book “One Thousand
and One Nights”, sometimes known as The Arabian Nights. The unforgettable
Aladdin and his lamp and that smiling Genie….and many more.
Oh! How I wished to have found that magical lamp before Aladdin.
In my mind, the lists of those three wishes have still not been deleted from my
mental file technologically speaking. I was and still am always prepared with
my list in case I found my magic lamp.
We all go through our childhood enveloped in the world of love and
protection of fairy tales, fantasy, and make-belief world… Only to grow up
and realize that in real life it is a lot different!!!
Princesses of nowadays need Botox treatment to keep up with
Barbie’s look.