Following the Beloved


About Me! Ghaliban Seema

What to write about “The Mystic in me”! The getting uses to high tech me! The wandering traveling,darveshi soul in me!
Ever since I was very little creativity, has been part of my existence, passionate existence. Other was reading, and writing. I would be day dreaming traveling in my thoughts to faraway places. Clouds as my vehicle and my pillow! I would be transported into my magical imaginary utopian world of perfection. The drudgery of home-work and daily monotonous affairs of the day was put aside to escape through the secret door of my imagination. These fascinating journeys of imagination derived it inspirations from the classics stories book of my childhood.
 Who can forget those classical Hans Christian Andersen classics fairy tales of long-gone days?
They kept me mesmerized with their wonderful colorful illustration, interesting tales, beautiful princess charming dashing heroes and perfect …..ending quote and“ they lived happily ever after.”
 Making us want to believe that one day after Cinderella, Snow White Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood hard time living. One would be rescued from getting lost in the forest, be save from the cunning wolf, the evil queen, and the wicked stepmother.
 The end pages of our situation in
dilemma could bring chivalrous knight, the wise king, the handsome Prince Charming riding the perfect horse in shining armor to rescue us from the danger, for that happily ever after ‘effect’.
 Other all-time favorite stories were from the book “One Thousand and One Nights”, sometimes known as The Arabian Nights…. .The unforgettable Aladdin and his lamp and that smiling Genie….and many many more.
Oh! How I wished to have found that magical lamp before Aladdin. In my mind the lists of those three wishes have still not been deleted technologically speaking. I was and am always prepared with my list in case I found my magic lamp. With brasso and napkin in the bag all ready for the timely act of good rubbing just in case.I have stared for hours with pleading eyes at the Kashmiri carpet my father bought me many moon ago. Smoothing it edges after good vacuuming, in case it did fly after all …… taking off in speed to distant galaxies to my dreamland’s far beyond imagination.

We all go through our childhood enveloped in the world of love and protection of fairy tales, fantasy and make-belief world……. Only to grow up and realize that in reality life is lot different!!!

Princesses of nowadays need Botox treatment to keep up with Barbie look. Prince’s charming have lost their charm, hair, and gallant ness in their youth due to pressure, stress in today’s life.
Wolves are not seen in the forest anymore they are living a real life style in this world garbed as human beings living among us, driving and wearing designer clothes and car. Queens and step mothers are not the only one who are cruel mean wicked. ….and tyrant in nature.
  With global tension on it rise …..hearts are still apart despite the closeness of technological breakthrough of internet, iPhone’s and i Pads in every one lives. Stress health issues, overflowing emails, tons of voice mails, heap of bills, rising prices, teenagers growing  pain, white hair, long lines wait, traffic, distances, hectic life schedules have taken its toll on present day Cinderella’s…..and Prince Charming, charming charm.
Sometimes make us wish that we had never grown up….the magical days of our childhood would stay with us forever.
 Lagtaa Nahii Hai Dil Meraa Ujre Dayaar Mayn
Kiss Kii Banii Hai Aalam e-Naapaaidaar Mayn
Umr-e-Daraaz Maang Ke Laaye Thay Chaar Din
Do Aarzuu Mayn Kat Gaye Do Intezaar Mayn
Kah Do In Hasraton Se Kahiin Aur Jaa Basayn
Itnii Jagaah Kahaan Hai Dil-E-Daaghdaar Mayn
Kitnaa Hai Bad Naseeb Zafar Dafan Ke Liye
Do Gaz Zameen Bhii Naa Milii Kue-Yaar Mayn
Rough English Translation
Cannot find solace harmony, in this heart of mine,
in this wrecked land
Who has succeeded in this
Ephemeral fleeting world
Having asked for a long life
I brought back four days
two passed away in yearning
and two in waiting
tell these desires
to go and settle down elsewhere else
There is no space
in the scarred heart of mine
How unfortunate is that
Zafar, for his burial
could not even find
two yards of land in the street of his beloved

My great, great grandfather from father side traveled from the Arab world through the Khyber pass in caravans…..hundreds of years ago to the Sub continent. 

After briefly staying in Sind they finally settle in India Muradabad.After 1947 war of independence my ancestors traveled to Karachi.In Karachi my father married my mother whose families have migrated from area which is now in Iran and Afghanistan. Their favorite child [that’s me!] was born…in a train well almost.I was born at a hospital near the train station…. on a journey when my mother was traveling from Lahore to Karachi.

 After spending my early childhood in Karachi, Ceylon, [Sri Lanka], Chittagong Bangladesh and Lahore Punjab I was married off to add the “they lived happily ever after” quote after my life. 

I migrated decade ago to United States after getting married, to settle in Crown Point Indiana minus the crown. 

 Presently living in Merrillville with three greatest inspiration of my life Sarah,Hamid and Samia and musing the moods of life as the life goes on……