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ISLAMIC ART-Cultural Art Gem by S.Seema Z

Fresco in prayer chamber
Fresco in prayer chamber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Islamic Art–ISLAMIC Art
The enriched heritage of hundreds years of cultural intermingling fusion which stretches from North Africa to Southeast Asia according to local customs and conditions, gave birth to ageless legacy of Glorious Islamic Art. This tradition of Art promises everything- spirituality, rhythms beauty, dignity, form style and craftsmanship. The imprints left by successive civilizations can be found in the mundane-est handicrafts of exquisite delicate Chikankari embroidery stitches done on the Kurta [shirt], to the magical writing of the Qur’anic verses, and even the breathtaking impressive palaces of Alhambra in Spain. 


I look at the world and people around me with wonderful gratitude. I think as a global community we have such vast differences that are actually greatly inspiring in how Allah intended it to be. In today’s world America is known as the Melting Pot of the world. People from different countries of the world all come to fulfill their dreams. At the same time clinging to the cultural essence they bought with them, which is deeply rooted in form of expression language cuisine, cooking, religion, beliefs, morality, expectations, skills, behavior, knowledge, dress, artifact, values, rites, rituals, , folklore, , ideologies, philosophies memories, and to the deepest dimensions of their psyches.
Living decades away from home might not provoke any sentiments for some, for they have buried their emotions of nostalgic ruminations into their deepest abyss of thoughts and have moved on with their lives. But for some emotional souls like me, who cherish pleasant memories, homesickness, longing, and yearning…I narrate here in this Art work series visual remembrances because I think many readers may find it historically informative, interesting, or perhaps even nostalgic. I tried to weave a visual yarn by creating a tapestry of cultural essences born of my past and present and sharing my heritage by telling the tales of two continents. Some will find it rather ordinary, but maybe that is the point and what we miss might be considered ordinary back home.
The gallery of collection is a visual trip entitled …Cultural Art Gems the Ethnic Touch. It is my cultural journey experience from ‘Cultural Shock’ when I migrated to United States decades ago to ‘Cultural Shauq’ which is desire in Urdu for my homeland with more fondness-es.
The web site contains beautiful illustrated mixed media art of acrylic, pastel,chalk, watercolor, photography, digital art of cultural and spiritual delight. It’s ‘’Around the Desi world in more than 100 pieces of Cultural Art Gems.’’
It is a an artistic visual tour of cuisine, dresses, objects, places, cultural and religious events which the migrant bought with him/her when they migrated to a foreign land from Indo Pak diasporas known as ‘Desi’. Wherever the Desi migrant travels he/she carries with them their cherish childhood memories and their heritage. The tale of two continents cultural journey begins with Safar [traveling] of our ancestors from central Asia and Arab land to India bringing their rich heritage infusing with the local art tradition and culture.
Karachi, Lahore, Pakistan where most of my childhood was spent has a rich history. The imprints left by successive civilizations to the different regions of the country gave birth to wide variety of tradition, architecture, culture, cuisine, dialects, folklore, and costumes. The Sherwani, Kashmiri shawls, the Chikankari, Balochi and Sindhi embroidery work. The carpets, camel skin lamps of Multan, Gujrati and Multani pottery, the woodwork of Chiniot, Biryanis, Samosas, kheer, Jalebi of Mughal cuisine, Chooriyaan, Mehndi, Chaand Raat, Eid, Siwiyaan, ,Taj Mahal, Shalimar Gardens, Agra fort, and many more. Provoking an enticing a sentimental evoking nostalgia for homeland. 

The second part of the book contains 100 pieces from art and description of my experience of beautiful Middle East, African, and Far East culture.
Islamic heritage has been a remarkable source of my inspiration. All this makes my writing and creating a truly rewarding experience. The history, the legacy, the artifacts and the traditions is enough to set the mind spinning in awe and admiration. My intention and my hope are to inspire and touch people’s hearts, and to produce work that held Remembrance of the Creator Khaliq of the Universe. My passion for art, writing, spirituality, photography, poetry and compassion for feeling the nuance subtleties’ of human soul have inspired me to illustrate myself through these creative channels. I feel blessed by the ability to express myself in an artistic way which is ultimately a gift from Allaah God. I am deeply grateful for this gift of creativity. Alhamdu lill laah.excerpt from the book “Cultural Shauk” by  S Seema Z ….for my Art work please visit…. 

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