Following the Beloved




Q 1: What is paradise?
A. Paradise is an abode of endless bliss which Allah Almighty has created for the believers. It is
comprised of one hundred classes and the distance between two classes is like that of the
distance between the earth and heavens. Each heaven is so vast and spacious that there will
remain enough room if the whole world with all its contents is placed therein.
Q 2: What is in paradise?
A. Allah Almighty has created such paraphernalia of physical and spiritual bliss and felicity in it
that is unseen, unheard, un-imagined and undreamt of. Even an emperor and king can not enjoy
such pleasures and facilities which will be available to the inmates of the lowest class of the
Q 3: Which will be the greatest blessing in paradise?
A. The greatest favour with which the believers will be graced in heavens is the “vision(sight) of
Allaah”. All divine boons, bounties and favours will be eclipsed by Allaah’s vision. Once believers
had it they would get absorbed in its exquisite ecstasy for ever.
Q 4: How many believers will be entered into heavens?
A. The Holy Prophet said that of my bond slaves, seventy thousands would be admitted into
heavens without any “reckoning”. Everyone of them would take a group of seventy thousand
believers with him into paradise. Allah Almighty would yet grace them and three more
multitudes of believers would accompany them. The exact number of believers who will be
entered into heavens is known to Allah or His Choicest Prophet whom Allah Almighty has
endowed with such knowledge.