Following the Beloved




Q 1: What is “Wudu/ Wuzuu” (ablution)?
A. To wash the face from the forelock down to the lower portion of the chin and from the lobe of
one ear to the other, to wash hands up to the elbows and the feet up to ankles and passing wet
fingers of both the hands over the head is called “Wudu/ Wuzuu” (ablution). It is forbidden to offer
prayer without ablution.
Q 2: What is the method of performing Wudu/ Wuzuu?
A. Sit at a clean elevated place facing the Qibla to perform ablution and then recite “BismilLaa-
hirRahmaa-nir Raheem” (Allah, in the name of, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful) with
the intention of gaining reward and carrying out the command of Allah Almighty; wash both
hands up to the wrists and then apply “Miswaak” (soft tooth stick) to the teeth, if available,
otherwise rub the teeth with the forefinger; rinse the mouth thoroughly thrice and also gargle if
not observing fast; sniff up water into the nostrils with the right hand three times ensuring that
the water reaches the soft spot of the nose and wash the nose with the left hand; wash the face
well thrice in such a way that no spot from the forelock down to the lower portion of the chin and
from the lobe of one ear to the other remains dry (the water should flow on each spot of the
face); wash both the hands (first right hand and then the left) up to, inclusive of, the elbows three
times (no spot even nails should remain dry); do “Masah” of the head, ears and neck with wet
hands only once and then wash the feet (first the right foot and then the left) inclusive of the
ankles thrice.
Q3: How to do Masah?
A. Having the hands wet with fresh water join three fingers (excluding the forefingers and
thumbs) of both the hands and pass them over the head from the forelock up to the nape of the
neck and then bring them back similarly to the forehead; (the palms should not touch the head);
wipe the inner sides of the ears with the tips of forefingers and wipe the outsides of the ears with
the insides of the thumbs and the neck be wiped with the back of the fingers. It is undesirable to
do Masah of the throat.
Q 4: What should be recited after Wudu/ Wuzuu?
A. Having performed Wudu/ Wuzuu recite: “Allaa-hummaj ‘AlneeMinat-tawwaabeenawaj’alneeMinal
Mutatah-hareen“(O’ Allah! make me of those who have repented and make me of those who
have been purified by You).
Drink a little of the rest of ablution’s water (standing upright). Recite Kalimah-e-Shahaadat
raising index finger towards and looking to the sky and also recite Surah Al-Qadr which will
earn the believer a great reward.