Following the Beloved


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Welcome to my Blog! 

Following the Beloved…

My name is S S Z…. I am an artist,writer,designer, photographer, blogger, solopreneur, contemplator, and full-time dreamer. I have always been fascinated with Islamic Art and design.I am passionate about my religion; enjoy travelling, writing reading and love creativity.

I started this blog primarily to share my travel life muses, to input my heart content on my work my passion for creating art and writing about life in general.I have diverse interest, hobby and pursuits not forgetting to mention a pardesi,a ‘Desi’ survivor in the Midwest.  I am passionate about my religion; My hope is to inspire and touch people’s hearts, to produce work that held remembrances of the creator of the universe…and sharing the love by following the Prophet.

 [Peace be upon him]  Let follow him to prove that we love him. Let’s celebrate him every day. Let’s check if our deeds are compatible with our claims of love towards him. In following him, lies the secret of Almighty Allaah’s love, mercy and forgiveness for us.

As it says in the Holy Quraan,

“If you should love Allaah, then follow me…. hence the inspiration of this blog”.

‘Following the Beloved’

This Blog is about the beauty of Islam…which is followed by  billions of Muslims all over the world…In the land of thoughts, dreams, wishes and introspection…I love sharing the beauty of Islam.

“I’d like to consider myself, along with writers, visionaries, historians, scholars designer’s poets and architects, a savior and a guardian of human heritage and preserver of our beautiful rich heritage.”

Please share and spread the message of love & Peace.